Å Utvide Rekkevidden Av Fornybar Biogass: Antec Samarbeider Med Amiblu For Å Skalere Sin Globale Leverandørkjede

Å Utvide Rekkevidden Av Fornybar Biogass: Antec Samarbeider Med Amiblu For Å Skalere Sin Globale Leverandørkjede

Antec, a leading provider of plug-flow anaerobic digestion technology for biogas and biomethane production, enters a partnership with Amiblu, a world-renowned manufacturer of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) pipes fittings to scale its global supply chain with the ambition to make renewable energy more affordable and accessible globally.

Towards 30% cost-efficiency gains

The collaboration enables Antecto scale its plug-flow biogas technology further, allowing it to be deployed faster and at a lower cost. As the volume increases, both partners aim for cost savings of up to 30%. Antec and Amiblu are developing a fully scalable global supply chain to build the biogas plants required to help solve the world’s energy crisis.

«We are thrilled to partner with Amiblu and leverage their expertise to take our AD plug-flow technology to the next level,» said Eirik Gundersen, CEO of Antec. «This partnership marks an important step to provide cost-effective, sustainable biogas solutions that we need to create our renewable future.»

«We are excited to join forces with Antec and contribute our knowledge and experience in GRP production and research,» said Tomas Andersson, Managing Director of Amiblu. «By replacing insitu built CSTR tanks with a fully industrialized supply chain, we will enable a step change in bringing new biogas plants to market, with enormous potential for increased impact of renewable biogas and biomethane production.»

About Antec

Antec is a global energy technology company, headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Its ground-breaking plug-flow biogas technology turns biomass into energy and biofertilizers in record time. Antec delivers modular AD reactors at scale for industries, farmers and communities anywhere in the world. In addition, Antec develops, builds and owns plants in partnership with biomass owners to accelerate renewable energy production.

Founded in 2014, Antec has the ambition to create our renewable energy future and is rapidly expanding to international markets. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Amiblu

Amiblu designs and supplies world-class GRP pipes and fittings with an exceptionally long, low-maintenance lifetime. Our aim is to solve the world’s water, sewer, and energy challenges in a future-oriented, environmentally friendly way. We are experts in GRP system solutions for wastewater, stormwater, drinking water, irrigation, hydropower, and industry applications.

With an accredited GRP pipe testing laboratory in Norway, our innovative spirit is based on a solid R&D background. Amiblu’s headquarters is in Klagenfurt, Austria, and the company has production facilities in Germany, Spain, Poland, Romania and Morocco. It employs around 1,500 people worldwide. For more information, visit or follow Amiblu on LinkedIn.