New Biogas plant at Ytre Helgeland in planning

New Biogas plant at Ytre Helgeland in planning

Antec is working with Helgelandsbase, a local partner, to establish a biogas plant at “Helgelandsbase Supply Base” in Sandnessjøen, Norway. The prevalent fish farming industry around Sandnessjøen has led to a large demand for disposal of fish sludge and silage. Antec and Helgelandsbase aim at building a biogas plant that will process the sludge and silage to create both biogas and biofertilizer. The green products are envisioned to be utilized by local industry and the agricultural community – enabling both circularity and more sustainable practices.

We are welcoming partners to join us in the journey and would like to discuss feedstock supply and offtake of  Biomethane, BioCO2 and fertilizer. Get in touch!

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