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Malm Biogas

Watch a Video from Malm Industry Park – a Circular Symbiosys of various industries, sharing resources and creating value. Antec is proud to be part of the project and is planning a state-of-the art facility – Malm Biogass

Plants Details

The Malm Biogas Plant will be situated adjacent to Salmar’s smolt facility at Tjuin, Norway, occupying a regulated plot of around 20,000 square meters secured by a call option. Currently, there is an ongoing FEED involving all relevant stakeholders to prepare the project for FID. The primary feedstock for the plant will be provided through a partnership with Salmar, one of Norway’s major salmon producers, and local farmers in the surrounding areas. Nippon Gases, a notable European industry gas company, has committed to off taking the total CO2 volume produced by the plant. The biogas plant is designed to have an annual capacity of 100,000 tons of biowaste. This initiative aims to contribute to sustainable energy practices in the region.

We will be updating the project pages with the relevant status information.